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Old fashioned Roses print

Beauty has been defined as "The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality." Since our responses are totally subjective, I can only speak to what moves me.

I want to share the beauty! I have created a variety of floral products for my Zazzle stores, Bebop's Place and Bebop's Weddings, using my original photographs and designs. I am also constantly amazed at the gorgeous floral products available from the rest of the Zazzle community. I am hoping others will enjoy this blog and even be moved to purchase some of these lovely items for gifts or just for the pleasure of having such beauty around.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This colorful mug is a feast for the eyes! It features an informal garden setting with pink and white snapdragons, nasturtiums in orange, yellow and red and one crimson poppy. The original photograph has been digitally enhanced to produce an abstract impressionistic pattern. Click here to see the matching PLATES, CORK COASTERS, PLACEMATS, NAPKINS, TOWELS and SANDSTONE COASTERS.

A Little Passion Poster: Beautiful, delicate, and growing on the designer's fence.... The passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) shows it's early season blooms. Locally these flowers are better known as May Pops and tend to have more vivid colors as they first bloom which fade as the flower ages by a few days.

The Johnny Jump Up is a cheerful little member of the viola family. Abundant blooms sparkle in the summer garden. Another common name is Heartsease because in ancient days the plant was much used for its potency in love charms. Both front and back of this top are decorated with these wonderful flowers, in their brilliant yellows and purples, each with a tiny little face.

Beautiful pink clematis flowers floral art photography design on an iPhone case. Great gift idea.