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Old fashioned Roses print

Beauty has been defined as "The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality." Since our responses are totally subjective, I can only speak to what moves me.

I want to share the beauty! I have created a variety of floral products for my Zazzle stores, Bebop's Place and Bebop's Weddings, using my original photographs and designs. I am also constantly amazed at the gorgeous floral products available from the rest of the Zazzle community. I am hoping others will enjoy this blog and even be moved to purchase some of these lovely items for gifts or just for the pleasure of having such beauty around.

Monday, December 31, 2012

This lovely yellow floral rehearsal dinner invitation just glows with the joy of the occasion. The front is decorated with bouquets of daffodils, narcissus and white lilacs. All are set on a sunny golden yellow gradient. The image is repeated on the back. All text can be customized to suit your individual occasion. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE YELLOW FLORAL WEDDING COLLECTION

This artistic, decorative Kindle Fire reader skin is covered with masses of flowers in every color of the rainbow. Enjoy the yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple and white floral pattern set on a background of green leaves. When viewing this, one is reminded of a French Impressionist painting. Fit this skin to your reader by choosing from the options on the right.

Here's a clocks with a kaleidoscope design featuring a digial photo of daisies from central Pennsylvania. White petals with orange center and green foliage in the background.

A lovely iPhone case with a Chinese bronze and enamel print insprired by an antique trinket box.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

One branch of incredible luminous purple, lilac and magenta colored sage blossoms set against a background that glows in pale blue, silver, pink and white. is the theme of this elegant floral save the date wedding postcard. More sage blossoms are on the back. All text can be customized for your special occasion.

This lovely decorative wall clock features an abstract floral pattern in shades of lilac, mauve and purple. The numbers are white and can be cleared if a simpler design is preferred.

From the designer: "I was surprised by the bright and varied colors of snapdragons they had at the conservatories at Brookside Gardens. Here's a picture with pink, orange and yellow snapdragons."

Artist Angela Gannicott has created this lovely watercolour and ink pattern for Aggelikis Store. It looks great on this greeting card "Thinking of You". Buy it for someone special.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What could be lovelier than a bouquet of old-fashioned roses? This iPhone case displays an exquisite design of red, pink, apricot and white antique roses set off by their lovely green foliage.

This Bagettes wristlet features a simple design of two golden yellow Asiatic lilies against a pure black background. The image is repeated on the back.

Dramatic Dahlia closeup on a DODOcase for the iPad

A beautiful pink flower for your clock face.

Friday, December 28, 2012

This wrapped canvas print features an abstract interpretation of a dried ageratum seed head. The lovely blue purple flowers are gone, the seeds have scattered, and this shell is all that remains. The impressionistic pattern creates a contemporary display with autumn colors of brown, yellow, gold, orange and black.

This colorful stretched canvas print features an adaptation of a fine art painting of a small street in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, by the American artist, Anna Unterman. The bright, sunny scene is a riot of colors. There is a red, pink and magenta bougainvillea vine over the archway as well as orange flame vines and other green shrubs and leaves. The colorful buildings are yellow, gold, blue and green. Reprinted with permission from the estate of Anna Unterman. All rights reserved.

Beautifully delicate pastel painting of a white hibiscus by international artist Kitty Harvill. A perfect postage stamp for that special gardener or nature lover.

Closeup of beautiful daisy flowers in shades of green or blue.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

This Kindle folio case features a lovely, lacy white flower named the wild carrot. It was introduced and naturalized in North America, where it is often known as Queen Anne's Lace. It is so called because the flower resembles lace; the red flower in the center represents a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when she was making the lace. The single flower head with it's hundreds of tiny blossoms, is set against a background of green, yellow and black.

This colorful, whimsical wall clock features a ruby-throated hummingbird visiting red and yellow zinnias. The bird and flowers are set off by a pure black background. This would be the perfect gift for a gardener!

This iPad folio case features a pretty sunflower against a grunge sheet music background.

Be Chic with this beautifully designed iPhone case.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When the daffodils bloom, we know that spring has arrived in all her glory! This 2013 fine art daffodil wall calendar celebrates the season with exquisite photography of lovely narcissus varieties. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE 2013 WALL CALENDAR COLLECTION

This lovely 2013 calendar poster features the blossoms of the wild cherry tree. The petals are a pure white. The bronze leaves have just opened and are lit up by the sun. This would be the perfect gift for a gardener or nature lover. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE 2013 CALENDAR POSTER COLLECTION

This iPhone 5 Case-Mate Barely There case features a Fleur-de-lys pattern, a floral emblem used in largely francophone countries and regions such as France, Canada, Quebec, and Louisiana. The design is an arrangement of silver Fleur de lis emblems in a tiled pattern on a background of Royal Blue with an extra large Fleur de lys at the top of the case.

A pretty dry erase board great for hanging anywhere. It has a white background with whimsical little flowers in pink, white, blue and yellow around the outside. You customize the text on top.

Monday, December 24, 2012

What could be lovelier than a bouquet of old fashioned roses to grace this lovely wine bottle label? An exquisite design of red, pink and white antique roses are scattered from one end to the other. All text can be customized with your special information.

This lovely, elegant Savvy iPhone 5 case features an abstract pattern of a delicate pink poppy blossom. The somniferum poppy is a fully double flower with hundreds of overlapping petals.

Wonderful nature photography pink rose floral art mini messenger bag design makes a unique and fun gift. Can also add custom text when ordering.

This pillow features a white rose on a red background.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A bouquet of scarlet red tulips and green leaves grace this gorgeous save the date wedding postcard. More tulips are on the back. All text can be customized for your special occasion. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE RED TULIPS COLLECTION

This colorful Savvy iPhone 5 case is a feast for the eyes! It features an informal garden setting with pink and white snapdragons, nasturtiums in orange, yellow and red and one red poppy, creating a beautiful abstract pattern. The original photograph has been digitally enhanced to produce an impressionistic feeling.

This Caseable Kindle Folio case features a lovely pink rosebud.

Many flowers case for the iPad mini

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This lovely decorative impressionistic mousepad features a delicate pattern of pale yellow, almost white flowers with dark pink centers. They form an artistic, abstract composition of circles and stars.

Take a stroll through this old fashioned rose garden! The scent of roses perfumes the spring and summer air. Delicate shades of pink, blush, white, cream, pale yellow and magenta will surround you with their beauty. The exquisite photography of this 2013 wall calendar will enchant you each month with portraits of these vintage beauties. The photographic styles range from realistic to impressionistic. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE 2013 WALL CALENDAR COLLECTION

Sketchy Flowers Design Throw Pillow. Change background color by selecting customize, edit and background.

A collection of fine art by International botanical and wildlife artist Sarah Trett in a beautiful 2013 calendar. A stunning calendar with prints of Sarah's original artworks in watercolor, goauche and acrylic.

Friday, December 21, 2012

This charming necklace has an old-fashioned, vintage feel to it. Magenta pink mums and white pearls with purple stones are set on lace against a pale yellow background. The lighter vignette at the corners adds a dramatic feel.

This striking decorative throw pillow features an abstract pattern of leaves in all the colors of Autumn: orange, yellow, red and green. The design is repeated on the back.

Cherry Blossom iPhone 5 Case

This floral mini messenger bag features pink rose blooms against a teal background.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I think I'll feature some floral mousepads today...

This pretty 2013 calendar mousepad is decorated with magenta purple Cranesbill Geranium flowers, each with a lovely golden yellow center, and green foliage. They are set on a pale lilac gradient background.

This mousepad features a bouquet of sweetly scented antique roses.

"The Canna" by Joy G. Koch is a portrait of a beautiful red canna lilly in full bloom. Copyright 2006, acrylic on canvas.

"Beautiful Blossom" mousepad features a gorgeous macro-photo of a Milk-thistle flower, held up for giving by a small child's hand. Keep the current phrase, "The beauty of each blossom speaks silently of God's love"...or personalize it for FREE with your own saying. A great gift idea to add cheer to any workspace.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How about some floral posters today...

This colorful poster is a feast for the eyes! It features an informal garden setting with pink and white snapdragons, nasturtiums in orange, yellow and red and one red poppy. The original photograph has been digitally enhanced to produce an abstract impressionistic pattern.

A single elegant white chrysanthemum creates an interesting, decorative, almost abstract pattern on this poster.

This striking original digital painting, by artist Leslie SIgal Javorek, focuses on an iridescent butterfly taking a drink from a lush bouquet of vivid, fanciful flowers that's held in a city high-rise vase. The richly textured details give the feel of a fine oil painting on black velvet (that is NOT an oxymoron as one may believe!).

A beautiful closeup photograph of a branch of cherry blossoms. This would look beautiful on any wall.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This lovely mug features an abstract pattern of exquisite yellow rose petals which wraps around from left to right. The petals range in color from pale yellow through gold to a deep orange.

This brilliantly colored hat features lovely electric blue lobelia blossoms. Each tiny flower has a pure white center.

Elegant Floral Vine Border Thank You Note Card. Customize INSIDE text or delete the text , and click outside the text box, to leave the inside plain. Features a flowing black swirling vine in a L-shape at the top and bottom edges. Thank You is written in the center, in a pretty formal script. The note card is appropriate for general thank you's, or for weddings, funerals, birthday or shower gift acknowledgements. Simple and traditional for any occasion. If you add a greeting, there is still room under the text lines for a handwritten note if desired.

Flower bed garden in Yreka California. What a fun sense of whimsy in this garden.